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Cialis is a new generation to tackle problems caused by sexual dysfunction disorders. The most widespread and popular this medication purchased in tablet, so cialis pills, therefore, so loved by many men.

The drug is not based on an artificial penis erections "floats", as many mistakenly believe, and on increasing the potency of the natural way. Active preparation is the active ingredient of tadalafil. It promotes the active voltage drop that occurs in the penis and in relaxing the smooth muscle of the arteries, however, providing a strong blood flow in the penile blood vessels, which causes an erection.

Taking cialis, man creates all conditions for occurrence of erections, but it does not happen automatically. You must have sexual arousal to the drug began to take effect.

Unlike its pharmacological drugs group, his step comes gently and gradually and persists for quite a long time – 36 hours. You no longer need to explicitly plan the intercourse and trying to stay within a certain time frame. This allows lovers not to abandon the habitual rhythm of life. Taking cialis pill in the morning, a man can be confident in his sexual abilities as on that day and the next.

In addition, the emergence of an erection occurs and after the sexual act in the presence of sexual stimulation, during the action of the drug.

However, cialis is not just an ambulance. Cialis has been designed and manufactured by the American company Eli Lily and Company Limited and clinically approved since 2003. As a result of clinical trials has improved erectile function cialis at 80% of the men and showed good tolerance of the organism. Also, it was found that the drug is equally successful as in symply problems with erection and when heavy human erections in men. Moreover, the discount viagra does not depend on the eve of a wholesome dinner eaten and alcohol intake in reasonable doses are not an obstacle to the admission of the drug.

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But it is worth to remember about contra-indications: do not combine a drug with medicines for cardiovascular disease, as well as with grapefruit juice.

The recommended dose is one administered 20 mg. Not worth to take the drug more than once for two days. The drug starts after about half an hour after taking the case in sexual arousal and lasts for 36 hours. Do not be afraid of addiction to drug degradation achieved erectile capacity – this will not happen.

In addition, it was also found that tadalafil, which is part of sialis, significantly improves sexual health of cancer patients whose prostate removed. In addition, cialis significantly improves erectile function in men with diabetes.

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